Engosoft Services


Having coordinated over $2.5 billion of new construction across dozens of projects in 3D,from hospitals to high schools, we have the expertise to efficiently coordinate your project to an appropriate Level of Development with a tailored BIM Execution Plan.


Whether you are starting from a 2D set of drawings, adding more information to a working model, or using LiDAR point clouds, we can help you meet your modeling deliverables with the skills and best practices learned through many years of experience. We can support your team from our offices across the US or co-located at your project site or detailing office.


A good model is the best visual communication tool for explaining what you want to build and how you want to build it. From 4D sequencing models for construction proposals to architectural renderings and photo-realistic fly-throughs for marketing, we have done it all.


Being able to use 3D modeling software is not enough to efficiently get through a project. Proper training in BIM is a combination of both “hard” and “soft” skills. Software expertise needs to be learned, along with proven process, communication methods, and tracking tools. Engosoft, as experienced practitioners of BIM on actual projects, is uniquely suited to create custom training programs for clients.

BIM Strategy

BIM involves technology, people and unique project requirements. This combination means that your project will have choices best answered by previous experience. We bring a depth of experienced-based knowledge and can work with teams to get the best return on your BIM investment.