Java Fundamentals for Android Development

Developing applications for Android systems requires basic knowledge of Java programming language. This is aintroductory course that focuses on the fundamentals of Java programming language, its framework, syntax, and paradigm.The course will focus on object-oriented programming and techniques which are mainly used in Android software development kit (SDK). It will provide the basic tools and skills to ensure a smooth start with Android application development.


Android Application Development

This course that provides the required knowledge and skills to design and build a complete Androidâ„¢ application. It delivers an extensive training on the main Android API components and its interactions. This course is mapped to AND-401 exam.


Java Programming for Non-Programmers

The Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language course provides students with an excellent choice for beginning to learn to program using the Java programming language. This course is intended for students with little or no programming experience. This course teaches the significance of object-oriented programming, the keywords and constructs of the Java programming language, and the steps required to create simple Java programs.


Java for Programmers

This course teaches programmers the skills necessary to create Java programming system applications and satisfies the skills necessary to pass the Sun Java Certified Programmer Exam.


Building J2EE Applications

Using the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) as a basis, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) builds on top of this to provide the types of services that are necessary to build large scale, distributed, component based, multi-tier applications. Essentially, J2EE is a collection of APIs that can be used to build such systems, although this is only half of the picture.


Java Server Pages JSP

JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology provides a simplified, fast way to create dynamic web content. JSP technology enables rapid development of web-based applications that are server- and platform-independent.

Java Script

Java Script Programming

We designed JavaScript: Programming (Second Edition) for the student who is an experienced developer of Web pages and who has had some exposure to JavaScript, probably through the use of scripts developed by others. If you are comfortable creating Web pages by writing HTML code, proficient with both Internet Explorer and Navigator, and have at least tried to use other people's scripts in your Web pages, then you are well matched to the prerequisites for this course